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Aggregators and MSP's charge dramatic margins in today's contingent workforce industry. We are here to change that reality.

We offer you the first real ROI in the market

See how we can help you save 3rd party costs, so you can spend it on actual talents and the best suppliers in the market, rather than aggregators and MSP's.

$8,000 to $15,000

annually saved per employee!

How much do you pay today for an employment of record service per employee?

The average employment of record service is priced at 25-30% of the employment cost. With us, by eliminating 3rd party margins, the same service is reduced to 15-18% of employment cost.

And how much will Sourcing/Staffing cost you today?

While traditionally priced at approximately 60-80% from employment salary, Papaya saves you almost 50% with our service fee ranging between 35-45%!

50% savings

on service fees

Less than 2 hours

to engage a supplier

How long does it normally take you to engage a supplier for managing contingent workforce?

On average, 5 working days. With Papaya global it’s less than 2 hours!

How long do you spend monthly on managing and tracking your suppliers?

While the average time is 2-4 hours a month per employee, Papaya cuts that down to less than 30 minutes!

Less than 30 min a month

per employee

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