Mexico PEO Service – Hire, Onboard and Pay Mexican Employees Quickly and Efficiently

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Papaya Global and Mexican PEOs

Get your global operation off and running in the shortest amount of time. With a Mexican Professional Employment Organization (PEO), you don’t need to an entity to hire anywhere across Mexico. The PEO provider, or a vetted local partner, serves as the employer of record (EOR) for tax purposes, but you direct the employees in their day-to-day tasks – all with full legal compliance

Our Mexican PEO service is perfect for companies that want to test the market in Mexico without the expense of opening an entity, or those that want a short-term presence to take advantage of an immediate opportunity. The PEO agency holds legal liability, but you get all the benefits.

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Mexico PEO Costs

Every company wants to know that its overseas investment is bringing a solid return. Our Mexico PEO prices are fully transparent, with no hidden fees added later. You pay a fixed fee for each employee, for each month of employment. That makes it easy to plan your spending and calculate your profits.

The Employer of Record handles all of the administrative tasks, including calculating and withholding taxes, keeping time and attendance records, and handling all benefit management. It’s like having a full administrative back office for each employee.

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Advantages of Using a PEO

Working through a EOR is quicker and easier than opening an entity, and brings far less risk. See if the market in Mexico is a good fit for your company with the lowest possible commitment. If it works, adding team members is easy. If you want to switch to a local entity, that’s simple, too.

There is tremendous, untapped talent in Mexico at an affordable price. Local experts who understand the business culture in Mexico can help your company reach hidden markets and appeal to the local population. It’s like having a local subsidiary, but without the risk.

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Why Mexico?

Mexico offers tremendous business opportunities. Its location provides a natural gateway to the markets in South and Central America. Labor costs and operating fees in cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Ciudad are extremely competitive, making Mexico an ideal location to hire employees for any purpose, but especially for large projects that require more labor.

Mexico is already the 14th largest economy in the world, and boasts an impressive 4% growth rate. It’s also the second largest economy in Latin America. With 12 free-trade agreements in place, Mexico offers low-cost opportunities for trade with 40 countries.

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