Canadian PEO Service – Hire, Onboard and Pay Canadian Employees Quickly and Efficiently

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Papaya Global & Canadian PEOs

Start hiring in Canada – without an entity. Working through a PEO provider is the quickest and easiest way to build a workforce and run payroll in Canada, even if you just want to test the market. A PEO agency serves as an administrative back office for your workforce to keep you in full legal compliance.

The employees are formally hired by our preferred in-country partners in Canada. Our partners hold legal liability and handle all of the workforce management responsibilities, including payroll. You direct the workers in their day-to-day tasks.

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Save on Canadian PEO

With Papaya, you pay per employee, per month. Our pricing model is designed to make it easy for you to plan your workforce spending. No hidden fees, no surprises.

You get ongoing HR support, full benefits management and administration, customized BI reports, and so much more.

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Why Use a PEO

You can enter a new market in Canada with a Global PEO in far less time than it takes to open an entity. The quick turnaround time allows you to compete immediately. That could be a decisive edge over top competitors.

You can see if your product is viable in the Canadian market, or evaluate the local talent pool. Working through a PEO is a quick, simple, and low-risk way to test-drive the market before committing long term.

Even if you have already begun the process of creating an entity, there is no need to wait until the lengthy process is finished. on-board workers while an entity is being setup. Switching from a PEO service to legal entity is simple.

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Why Hire in Canada?

With high annual growth and low corporate taxes, Canada is an attractive market for any business. Toronto and Montreal have emerged as major business centers, but with lower costs of operation than similar size cities in Europe or the US.

Canada also boasts an impressive pool of talent for any venture. It’s not only close to the US geographically but also culturally and the way people do business, making it easier to get started. No wonder Forbes magazine routinely includes Canada on its list of best countries to do business.

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