The Papaya Payroll Intelligence Suite

Global Workforce Analytics for ANY Payroll Worldwide

If you don’t have access to high-level data reporting, you can’t forecast spending or assess the value of your overseas operations.  Papaya’s Payroll Intelligence Suite gives you real time workforce costs to take control of employment spending and eliminate errors.   

Get unprecedented insight into your workforce spending – regardless of your current local payroll partners. The stand-alone solution can work with your own payroll system, even if you process payroll in-house   

Papaya consolidates workforce data from all your global operations – your payroll partners, EoR, and contractors – showing your entire workforce in a single view 

See a snapshot of total costs at every location. Compare time periods or locations, and see the difference between the gross and net costs for each employee, at each location. Ensure payroll accuracy through advanced audit features, keep track of all joiners and leavers every month. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  

Go live with Payroll Intelligence in less than 3 days – without changing your payroll operations.  

GDPR + Information Management

Everything You Need to Know – In One Place

Was your global workforce spending higher or lower last month? Do you know what caused the change? Which locationbring you the best return on your investment? If you don’t have the answers at your fingertips, then the Papaya Payroll Intelligence Suite is the tool for you!   

For your finance teamPayroll Intelligence offers a full record of workforce spending. Drill down to compare costs over periods, projects, or locations to identify the biggest expenses, discrepancies, and changes from month to month 

Workforce at a Glance dashboardGet a clear view of your entire global operation – the total number of employees, where they are, and their real costIn one screen, you get a clear picture of your global workforce spending.   

Total Costs dashboard: Track current payroll costs and spot spending trends over timeSee changes from the previous month in terms of employees, cost centers, and locations

Payroll Costs Breakdown dashboard: This dashboard provides a full payroll summary for each employee itemized by cost center, location, and time period. The information is easy to filter for specific categories such as taxes, bonuses, or equity 

Payroll Data Monitoring: Designed with the finance team in mind, this dashboard makes it easy to audit and monitor your payroll process. It helps eliminate payroll errors by highlighting salary gaps early in the payroll process. 

Benefits Plans: Monitor benefits plans across all global locations in one dashboard. The report shows all of the benefit plans for your active employees, where they are, and any dependants that are included in the plans.  

GDRP + Data Collection

Keep Your Workforce Motivated

Replacing hours of manual work and stacks of excel sheets with automation and real-time analytics leads to deeper and more precise data. 

For you HR team, the suite contains all the data you need to keep all employees motivated and engaged.  

HR Overview: The dashboard serves as an automated HR department within your payroll system. It monitors documents to make sure everything is up to date. It provides a monthly report of all joiners and leavers at all locations, and alerts you when employees have birthdays and work anniversaries. 

Time Off Analysis: Time off is a sensitive cost item for any company, and even more so when dealing with a remote workforce. Track important metrics like PTO taken, sick days, and the annual allotment of vacation days for each employee globally.

GDPR + Transparency

Manage Billing Data Instantly

For your billing team, the Payroll Intelligence Suite offers automated invoice tracking – perfect for companies with numerous contractors that require individual invoice delivery and verification.  

Billing Overview: This dashboard shows you all of the company invoices and tracking payment and the amount due.  

Billing ComparisonCompare invoices by location or by time period to see the best value for your investment.  

All the data can be converted easily to any format, such as xls, csv, or any financial system or ERP format, so that no manual work is ever needed. 

With Papaya’s Business Intelligence Suite, you get better control, better visibility, and better forecasts. That’s the Papaya Advantage. 

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Get real-time insight into your global workforce spending

Understand your global workforce spending

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