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10 – 13 October, 2017 | Las Vegas, USA

HRTech Conference 2017

Let's talk facts

Aggregators and MSP's charge dramatic margins in today's contingent workforce industry. We are here to change that reality.

We offer you the first real ROI in the market

See how we can help you save 3rd party costs, so you can spend it on actual talents and the best suppliers in the market, rather than aggregators and MSP's.

50% Savings

on local employer of record services

How much do you pay today for employer of record service per employee?

The average employment of record service is priced at 25-30% of the employment cost.

Papaya eliminates 3rd party or broker margins, so that the same service is reduced to 15-18% of employment cost. That’s about 50% savings on local Employer of record services or outsourced payroll services.

How much extra costs do you incur due to errors and penalties in managing your global payroll?

Surveys show that companines managing global payroll manually incur an extra cost of ~$30K on average every year due to mistakes (on a payroll of 50-100 employees)

Papaya’s platform provides automated processes and customized workflows, combined with local expertise, guaranteeing you never miss a bit.

~$30K Savings

By eliminating costly payroll mistakes thanks to automated expert global payroll

Less than 2 hours

And you’re up and running with a verified local payroll provider

How long does it normally take you to engage a supplier for managing contingent workforce?

On average, 5 working days.

With papaya’s preferred supplier network we already selected and screened the local payroll suppliers for you and provide full quality guarantee, so that you can be up and running within less than 2 hours!

How long do you spend monthly on managing and tracking your suppliers?

On average, 2-4 hours per month per employee.


With papaya’s free platform, your monthly invoice-tracking, global payroll process and budget monitoring are consolidated into one pre-defined workflow.

Hence, monthly monitoring time is reduced to less than 30 minutes per month per employee.

Less than 30 min a month

per employee Spent on payroll tracking and management

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