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Employer of Record / Global PEO

An EoR lets you hire without a local entity and stay fully compliant. Papaya provides the payroll, benefits, and workforce management through our network of in-country partners, located in over 160 countries.

Also known as Global Employee Leasing, Employer of Record (EOR) or GEO (Global Employment Organization), joint employment or co-employment.

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Papaya helps manage contract workers – both domestic and foreign – to avoid misclassification and ensure proper payment. See more information on our extensive global contractor management solutions

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HR Administration and Benefits Management

HR Administration and Benefits Management

We provide HR and payroll solutions for distributed teams and remote workers. Our detailed country guides offer benchmarks for benefits, pension plans, salaries, and compensation for over 160 countries.


Companies seeking to relocate employees abroad need advice on permits. Our service includes obtaining work permits (for expatriates, business trips and short-term assignments), residence permits, and spouse and family permits.
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Our success stories

With hundreds of workers spread across four continents, CyberArk needed solutions for global workforce management with different pay cycles, different compliance standards, and overall workforce expense monitoring.

Papaya took over and existing operation and unified all of the different formats, reports, and workflows from a host of different sources.

With many new employees to onboard, Rubrik’s HR department need to work quickly to bring in the best talent from across the globe, all while maintaining the strength that helped propel the company into the next level.

Papaya enables Rubrik to do everything they need, from the ability for quick onboarding globally, supporting them with local labor laws, benefits and benchmarks through an easy payroll cycle and centralized management of all global workers.

The company began its relationship with Papaya while taking its first steps in global expansion. Deciding on a growth strategy was a challenge. Then came rapid expansion and a need to onboard quickly and efficiently. Finally, Dynamic Yield had to adjust again when a massive multi-national entity brought the company.

Papaya provided the assistance and guidance the company needed as it took its first tentative steps to a PEO. As it moved quickly through dramatic growth, the Papaya platform provided continuity and consistency.

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