Simplify Your Global Contractor Management

The Challenges of Managing Contractors

Hiring independent contractors is a cost-effective option for specific, short-term tasks. But managing hundreds of global contractors each month is time-consuming, prone to error, and a constant concern for compliance.

Challenges include:

1. Misclassification risk – governments levy heavy fines on companies that inadvertently misclassify those who should be classified as regular employees as contractors.

2. Collecting and processing countless invoices each month in different languages, currencies and formats can be overwhelming.

3. Labor and tax laws governing contractors vary from country to country, affecting reporting procedures, insurance requirements, andtax payments.

Papaya provides an end-to-end solution for global contractor management in more than 160 countries.

Whether you are looking for full, comprehensive contractor management or just the approval and cross border payment process, Papaya has the solution you need.

GDPR + Information Management

One-Stop Contractor Management

Papaya’s platform collects invoices for all your contractors and validates all invoices, ensuring accuracy.

Papaya also manages cross-border payments to all your contractors across the globe with the touch of a button. In the full management service, Papaya signs the contracts, accepting full legal liability for your contractors.

Our automated cloud-based SaaS platform integrates with the HRIS, VMS and time and attendance software you are already using so that your workforce management data flows seamlessly between the platforms, keeping the data private and secure and replaces the need to enter it to our platform manually.

You choose the talent. We manage the rest.

GDRP + Data Collection

IC Compliance in Over 160 Countries

With our comprehensive contractor management service, you never need to worry about misclassification.

Papaya determines the correct classification for every contractor. If there is risk of misclassification, we recommend employment alternatives such as Employer of Record (EoR).

The entire service is backed by Papaya’s three-level governance model.

A dedicated project manager oversees the entire process and serves as the single point of contact. Our Center of Excellence answers questions and gives on-going support. Our in-country partners stay informed of labor or tax law changes so you are always in compliance.

GDPR + Transparency

Track Global Workforce Spending

The Papaya Platform consolidates all of your global workforce spending – payroll, EoR, and contractors – into a single dashboard, making it easy to see your overall costs, or to break them down by country or time period.

As the number of contractors continues to grow globally, Papaya makes it easy to take advantage of the remote team hiring.

GDPR + Employer Rights

See how you can simplify your global contractor management

Simplify your Global Contractor Management

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