GDPR Compliance Made Simple

Managing Sensitive Information

Payroll contains a great deal of sensitive data protected by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which gives individual citizens control over their digital data and ensures that personal information is collected and managed in a secure and encrypted way. Companies not in complete compliance risk significant fines.  

The regulationrefers specifically to “personal data” – information that can be used to identify a particular person. It can be a name, ID number, location, or an online identifier.  

Companies must get explicit consent before collecting such data and then must protect that data and ensure it can never be identified with that person without authorization. GDPR applies to companies located within the EU and to companies globally if they do business in the EU or have access to data of EU citizens.  

Papaya ensures compliance with GDPR through our cloud-based global workforce management solution, which encryptdocuments and secures personal employee information.

GDPR + Information Management

Understanding Employee Rights Under GDPR

GDPR demands that companies ensure that personal information rights are met. This includes the right to view, modify, transport, and delete digital information. 

For companies with EU citizens on their payroll or EU citizens that are managed through EoRs and brokers, this can only be done by integrating a secure solution that ensures employee rights are met. By providing secure access to employee information, workers are not only able to view and modify information but also can automate portability and delete sensitive data upon request. 

GDPR + Employer Rights

Securing Data Transfer

GDPR compliance is forcing companies to change the way they transfer digital data. Companies can no longer rely on traditional emails and excel files, which are not sufficiently secure. They must have a compliant solution that protects personal information and ensures data is collected, stored and managed in a secure way. 

The Papaya platform provides a secure way to transfer digital data. It offers a dedicated shared drive, accessible only by invitation, that is secure and the information it contains encrypted. Papaya’s privacy impact assessment policy is designed to verify all sub-contractors within the Papaya platform, as well as the way sub-contractors store and secure workforce data.  

GDPR + Data Transfer

Ensuring Transparency

Under GDPR, workers must have secure and transparent access to their own personal data. They must be able to modify or delete sensitive data upon request. For global companies, it means employees and suppliermanaged workforce must have transparent access to their personal information.  

The Papaya platform includes a dedicated workers’ portal where employees can view and edit all personal information and maintain control over their dataensuring GDPR compliance. 

GDPR + Transparency

Minimum Data Collection

According to GDPR, companies must engage in minimum data collection, and only collect and store information that is absolutely necessary.  

During the onboarding process, Papaya collects only the minimum amount of information necessary to complete payroll and global workforce management tasks. Much of the information is collected in real time, eliminating the need to store data that may not be necessary.  

Papaya also implements advanced role management solutions, ensuring that only relevant information is available, and only to permitted individuals.  

GDRP + Data Collection

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