Uzbekistani Soʻm
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12% - Social Security
.1% - Pension

Minimum Wage


Minimum wage is 149,775 UZS per month.

Payroll Contributions

Social Security

Employers contribute 12%

Pension Fund

Employers contribute .1% of their wages to their pension fund (optional for foreign nationals).

Additional Benefits
The salaries are paid in Uzbek Soums.
Benefits: Mobile and internet services, medical and life insurance, car expenses compensation, etc.
Quarterly and annual bonuses depending on results.


Termination Process
1) by mutual agreement of both parties;
2) at initiative of one of the parties;
3) upon expiration of the term of employment contract;
4) due to circumstances beyond the parties' control;
5) on grounds stipulated in the employment contract;
6) other.
Employers can unilaterally terminate employment contract on the following grounds:
1) Change in technological, production or work process, decrease in volume of work, which have led to changes in the number of staff (redundancy), character of work or liquidation of company;
2) Incompatibility of an employee due to low qualification (with sufficient evidence) or illness (that prohibits employee to perform duties);
3) Systematic breach of duties by an employee;
4) A significant breach of professional duties that are stipulated in employer’s policies;
5) Termination of part-time employees if the employer hires a full-time employee for this position;
6) Termination of a head of company, his deputy and chief accountant due to change of owner;
7) Reaching pension age provided that an employee has acquired the right to receive state pension (pensioner’s certificate).
Upon expiry of two-week notice period, the employee has the right to cease work, while the employer must issue to the employee the documents associated with his labor activities and any payments due thereto.
Notice Period
Employer: must provide two-month notice if the termination is connected with changes in technology, organization of production and labor, reduction of volume of work involving changes in staff or in the nature of work or liquidation of company.
Employee: must provide two-week notice in writing.
Severance Pay