Capital Monetvideo

Currency Uruguayan Peso

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Employer 3% - SNS
6.9% - 27.5% - Risk Fund
0.125% - Labor Re-conversion Fund
7.5% - Pension Fund

Employee 5% - SNS
0.125% - Labor Re-conversion Fund
15% - Pension Fund


Termination Process Employers must provide one days written notice.

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund

Employers must contribute 7.5% of employees wages.
Employees must contribute 15% of their wages.

Social Security

Employers must contribute 3% to national health insurance, 0.125% to the labor re-conversion fund, and between 6.9% - 27.5% to labor risks.
Employees must contribute 5% to national health insurance, and 0.125% to labor the re-conversion fund.

Advance Notice There is no regulation on notice of resignation.

Severance Pay Employees are entitled to severance payments which includes one months salary for every year employed up to 6 months of salary.

Minimum Wage

General Minimum wage is 10,000 Uruguan Pesos (Approx. $349 USD) monthly.


General VAT is 22% standard rate.