The employment contract can be both orally or written. Either way the employer must provide the employee a written description of the terms and conditions of the employment.


Salaries are paid on monthly basis. Paydays are the 25th of each month.

HR & Labor

Full time employment is considered 40 hours per week. Maximum overtime per month (4 weeks) is 48 hours. Employees are entitled to a break after working five consecutive hours. They must have 11 hours of break for every 24-hour period.


To work in Sweden, the employee must apply for a work permit with Swedish Migration Board. Citizens of EU/EEA and the Nordic countries do not require visas or working permits. To apply for working permit, the employee must already have an offer letter from an employer. This must be done prior to entering Sweden.

Minimum Wage

No official minimum wage.

Pension Fund

Employer contributes 10.21%.

Employee contributes 7% with salary ceiling of SEK 32,100.

Severance Payments

Employee is entitled to regular wages during the notice period, no specific severance payments.

Advance Notice

At least one week’s notice is required.

Termination Procedure

If the employee has been in the company for less than two years, employer gives one month’s notice, if they worked for two years but less than four years, employee receives a two month’s notice. From four years to less than six years, three month’s notice. From six years to eight years, 4 months notice and so on. If they have been employed for more than ten years, six months’ notice.

Sick Days

Employee must provide a doctor’s note after if they are absent for more than 7 days. Employees do not get paid sick leave for the first day of absence due to illness. The first day is considered a qualifying day. From the 2nd day until the 14th, employer are responsible for the sick pay at 80% of salary with a maximum of 725 SEK daily. Following the first 14 days, employees begin receiving sick pay from Försäkringskassan at the same rate.

Vacation Days

Employee is entitled to 25 paid vacation days.

Parental Leave

For two parents:
The benefit is paid for 480 days for one child. For 390 days the compensation is based on ones income, and for the remaining 90 days compensation is SEK 180 per day.

Public Holidays

There are 11 public paid holidays

Additional Employee Withholdings

1) Disability
2) Survivor’s benefits
3) Parent’s insurance Fee
4) Workplace Injury
5) Labor market Fee
6) General Salary Fee

1) Employer contributes 4.35%
2) Employer contributes 1.17%
3) Employer contributes 2.6%
4) Employer contributes 0.3%
5) Employer contributes 2.91%
6) Employer contributes 9.88%

1) Employee contributes 0%
2) Employee contributes 0%
3) Employee contributes 0%
4) Employee contributes 0%
5) Employee contributes 0%
6) Employee contributes 0%


VAT is 25% standard rate.
A reduced rate of 12% or 6% might apply for some goods.