El Salvador


El Salvador labot code requires a written employment contrtact


Salarys are paid semi-monthly.

HR & Labor

Working Hours: Full time employment is considered 44 hours per week and eight hours a day.
Working Age: Employer cannot hire an employee below the age of 14. Under the age of 18 have restrictions of hazardous work and night shifts.


In order to work in El Salvador, foreign employees require a work permit. A work permit can be attained either at the Salvadorean Consulate in the country of origin, or in El Salvador once on a tourist visa.


Employees in El Salvador are entitled to a Christmas bonus after employment at a company for at least one year.
1-3 Years of employment receive a bonus equal to 10 days of basic salary. 3-10 years of employment receive 15 days of basic salary. Over 10 years receive 18 days of basic salary.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage varies depending on the industry.
- Commerce & services, industry, and sugar refineries: $1.25 hr/$300 monthly
- Textile and garments: $1.23 hr/ $295.2 monthly
- Sugarcane harvesting and coffee mills: $0.934 hr/$224.10 monthly
- Agricultural workers, coffee harvesting, cotton harvesting, cotton mills: $0.834 hr/224.10 monthly

Pension Fund

Employer contributes 6.75% of employees salary.

Employee contributes 6.25% of their wages.

Sick Days

There is no specific allotment for sick days, but the first three are paid by the employer and the following by social security.

Severance Payments

Employees terminated without just cause is entitled to one months salary for ever year employed by the company, plus expected vacation and year end bonus.

Advance Notice

Employees are not obligated to provide advance notice.

Termination Period

Employers are not obligated to provide notice.

Public Holidays

There are 11 paid public holidays.

Vacation Days

Employees are entitled to 15 vacation days yearly.


VAT is 13% standard rate, applied to the transfer of movable goods and the provision of services.