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29.90% - Social Security
19.00% - 0-12,450
24.00% - 12,451-20,200
30.00% - 20,201-35,200
37.00% - 35,201-60,000
45.00% - 60,000 and above

Minimum Wage


Minimum wage is 1,050 EUR per month if the employer pays the employee in 12 installments.  

If the employer pays the employee in 14 installments, the minimum wage is 900 EUR per month.  

Working Hours


Fulltime employment is considered 40 hours weekly, and 9 daily hours (maximum unless agreed otherwise). *Workers are entitled to a weekly rest period of 1.5 consecutive days.


Overtime may not exceed 80 hours annually.



21% standard rate.


Payroll Frequency

Pay Frequency usually on a monthly basis, for work between the first and last day of the month.

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund

Employers contribute 23.6% of workers wages, employees contribute 4.7%.

Social Security

Employers contribute 29.9% and employees contribute 6.35%.


Termination Process

Employees dismissed on disciplinary grounds are not required to receive notice of dismissal. In cases of redundancy, dismissal can be on grounds of economic, organizational, technical or productive reasons. Termination notice must be provided in writing, and the notice period is agreed upon in employment contract.

Advance Notice

Employers should provide 15 days of notice, and if notice isn’t given, payment in lieu shall be given.

Severance Pay

Employers should pay 20 days of salary pay per year of service up to 12 months. If the dismissal is declared unfair (a dismissal without cause) by a judge, the employer may reinstate the employee or pay a statutory severance payment. Employees affected by a redundancy will be entitled to receive a legal severance payment and an advance notice in writing of the termination of the contract. A worker who is dismissed for disciplinary reasons is not entitled to severance pay.