According to Serbian Labor Law, a written employment contract must include thirteen mandatory elements such as place of work, agreed salary, start date of the employment and etc. The contract must be written in Serbian.


Salaries are paid on monthly basis. Paydays are decided in the employment contract. It is common practice to pay the employees on the last day of each working month.

HR & Labor

Working Hours: Full time employment is considered 40 hours per week. Employee is entitled to 30 minutes of break per each working day. Between each work day, employee must receive 12 hours of rest.
Minimum Working Age: Employee must be at least 15 years of age.


To work in Serbia, an employee must obtain a temporary resident visa (Type D) from the Ministry of Labor. The visa is issued for a year, which can be renewed. Once they receive Type D visa, they have to apply for a work permit, which has to be requested by the employer.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is RSD 121 per hour.

Pension Fund

The employer contributes 11% of the employee’s regular wages.

The employee contributes 13% of the average wages. Contribution ceiling is five times the monthly minimum wage.

Severance Payments

No mandatory requirements for a severance payments.

Advance Notice

Employee must give minimum of 15 days and maximum of 30 days of advance notice.

Termination Procedure

Employer must provide the employee with minimum of 8 days and maximum of 30 days of notice.

Sick Days

If the employee’s sick leave is non-work related, they are entitled to 65% of their average salary and if it is work related, they are entitled to 100% of their average salary during the leave. The employer is responsible for the first 30 days of the leave, afterwards the state will reimburse the employee.

Vacation Days

Employees are entitled to 20 days of vacation per year.

Public Holidays

There are 10 public holidays.

Social Security

Employer contributes - 5.15%
Employer contributes - 0.75%
Pension and disability insurance -14%

Employee contributes - 5.15%
Employee contributes - 0.75%
Pension and disability insurance - 12%


VAT is 20% standard rate.