Employment contracts must be written and in Romanian. Both the employer and the employee must agree on employment terms and conditions such as working hours, benefits, entitled time off and etc.


Salaries are paid on monthly basis. Paydays are agreed between both parties. It is common practice to pay salaries at the end of each month.

HR & Labor

Working Hours: Full time employment is considered 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day.Maximum working hours per week cannot exceed 48 hours. Employees under the age of 18 cannot work more than 6 hours per day.
Minimum Working Age: There is no official restriction on minimum working age, however employees under 18 years of age cannot hold managerial positions.


Employees of EU/EEA and Switzerland can be employed in Romania without applying for a working visa. If the employment contract is longer than 3 months, they must obtain a registration certificate.
Non-EU/EEA must obtain a work permit which is applied for by the employer on behalf of the employee prior to starting employment in Romania.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is 217 EUR per month.

Pension Fund

The employer contributes 20.8% of the general fund.

The employee contributes 10.5% of the monthly wages. There is no official contribution ceiling.

Severance Payments

Based on Romanian Labor Code. employees are not entitled to severance payments, unless specifically agreed in the employment agreement.

Advance Notice

The employee must provide a written notice of 20 days if they hold a non-managerial position and 45 days if they have a senior/managerial position. An employee can terminate employment without a notice if the employer failed to meet the requirements set in the employment agreement.

Termination Procedure

Employer is required by law to provide a notice of 20 working days. However it is common practice to give employee loner notices.

Sick Days

Employees are entitled to a sick leave after working in the company for one month. They will receive maximum of 183 days. In case of certain illnesses, the sick leave can be 18 months. The employer is responsible for the medical leave allowance the first five days of the leave, afterwards the National Social Security Fund will take over. First six months of the leave, the employee receives 75% of the average salary and 100% in case of severe illness.

Vacation Days

According to Romanian Labor Code, employees are entitled to at least 20 days of paid vacation per year.

Public Holidays

There are 10 paid public holidays.

Additional Employee Withholdings

1) Public Health Insurance
2) Medical leave and compensation fund
3) Unemployment contributions

1) Employer contributes 5.2% of their general fund.
2) Employer contributes 0.85% of their general fund.
3) Employer contributes 0.5% of their general fund.

1) Employee contributes 5.5% of their monthly salary.
2) Employee contributes 0%.
3) Employee contributes 0.5% of their monthly salary.


VAT is 19% standard rate.