Capital Doha

Currency Qatari Riyal

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Employer 10% - Pension
5% - Pension



Termination Process Workers of 1-5 years are entitled to one months notice. Workers of over 5 years are entitled to two months notice.

Advance Notice Those employed for 1-5 years are required to provide one months notice. Those employed for over 5 years must provide two months notice.

Severance Pay Employees leaving a position are entitled to EOSB (end of service benefits). These benefits are agreed upon mutually between employer and employee, and must equal at least 3 weeks of employees gross salary for each year employed.

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund

Employers are required to contribute 10% of employees wages to pension fund.
Employees are required to contribute 5% of their wages to pension fund.

Minimum Wage

General There is no minimum wage, low-paid employees are protected by agreements with certain countries.


General Currently, there is no VAT. There are plans to introduce it in the first quarter of 2018.