Employment contract must be written in Myanmar, which must include list of mandatory provisions such as benefits and requirements and must be in line with Employment and Skill Development Law.


Salaries can be paid on weekly or monthly basis, depending on the agreement between the employer and employee.

HR & Labor

Working Hours: Full time employment is considered eight hours a day or 44 hours a week. Employees cannot work more than 48 hours per week. Employer must pay employee overtime pay for each additional hour worked.
Employee is entitled to 30 minutes of rest after working four consecutive hours. Minimum Working Age: There is no official minimum working age according to the Labor Code, however employees can start employment from the age of 13.


Employees must apply for a 70 day entry visa to work legally in Myanmar. To renew the visa, employees can exit and re-enter the country or apply for multiple entry visa at the Ministry of Labor.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is approximately $67 monthly.

Pension Fund

Employer contributes 3% of the employee's wages.

Employees contribute 2% of their wages. Contribution ceiling is set at MMK 15,000.

Advance Notice

It is common practice to provide the employer with one month’s notice.

Severance Payments

If the employee has been in the company from six months to one year, they are entitled to ½ of monthly wages as a severance pay. If they have been in the company from one year to two years, they are entitled to one month’s salary. From two years to three years in the company, they will receive 1.5 of average monthly salary. From three years to four years, they will receive three month’s salary. Between four to six years, employees will receive four months salary as a severance pay. From six to eight years, employees are entitled to five months salary. Eight to ten years, they will receive six months salary. From ten to twenty years, they will receive eight months salary, from twenty to twenty five years, they will receive ten months salary and from twenty five and up, they will receive thirteen months salary.

Termination Procedure

Employer must provide one month’s notice.

Sick Days

Employees are entitled to 30 days of sick leave for a medical treatment, which needs to be supported by appropriate medical documents.

Public Holidays

There are 24 public holidays, including 10 days for Myanmar New Year’s celebrations.

Vacation Days

Employee is entitled to one day off with pay per week. No additional vacation days.


No VAT system