Burmese Kyat

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Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is approximately $67 monthly.


No VAT system

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund
Employer contributes 3% of the employee's wages.
Employees contribute 2% of their wages. Contribution ceiling is set at MMK 15,000.


Termination Process
Employer must provide one month’s notice.
Advance Notice
It is common practice to provide the employer with one month’s notice.
Severance Pay
If the employee has been in the company from six months to one year, they are entitled to ½ of monthly wages as a severance pay. If they have been in the company from one year to two years, they are entitled to one month’s salary. From two years to three years in the company, they will receive 1.5 of average monthly salary. From three years to four years, they will receive three month’s salary. Between four to six years, employees will receive four months salary as a severance pay. From six to eight years, employees are entitled to five months salary. Eight to ten years, they will receive six months salary. From ten to twenty years, they will receive eight months salary, from twenty to twenty five years, they will receive ten months salary and from twenty five and up, they will receive thirteen months salary.