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Minimum Wage



Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund
Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance

As of 2020 It is mandatory for businesses to cover themselves against injuries, disabilities or death arising from work related accidents.

Once a year there will be an employer contribution of 0.67% of the employees’ annual salaries.

Under the Health and Safety Act (2007) WIBA insurance covers the following:
• employees’ work related injuries and occupational diseases.
• employees’ death. The death benefits are payable to beneficiaries of the insured.
• funeral expenses benefits.
• medical expenses benefits.
• total or partial disablement benefits to the insured.


Termination Process

If the employee has been in the company for 3 months and less than a year, the notice period is 1 week. If from one year to 5 years, the notice period is 2 weeks. If from 5 years to less than 10 years, it is 4 weeks. From 10 years and over, its 8 weeks. Employees are entitled to a vacation pay for the days they haven’t taken during the termination. Its 4% or 6% depending on the length of the employment in the company.

Advance Notice

One month