Capital Astana

Currency Tenge (₸) (KZT)

Date Format yyyy.dd.mm

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Employer 2.50% - NIS (National Insurance Scheme)
3.00% - NHT (National Housing Trust)
3.50% - Education Tax
3.00% - HEART (Human Employment & Resources Training)

Employee 2.50% - NIS (National Insurance Scheme)
2.00% - NHT (National Housing Trust)
2.25% - Education Tax
0.00% - Up to 1.5M
25.00% - 1.5M - 6M
30.00% - Over 6M


Termination Process Employers are required to provide notice determined by the length of employment. * Up to 5 years of employment entitles workers to two weeks notice. * 5-10 years entitles workers to four weeks notice. * 10-15 years entitles workers to 6 weeks notice. * 15-20 years entitles workers to 8 weeks notice. * 20 + years entitles workers to 12 weeks notice.

Advance Notice Employees must provide two weeks notice.

Severance Pay Employees of up to 10 years receive two weeks pay for ever year employed, for each additional year beyond 10, three weeks of pay are provided.

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund The employer contributes 5% of employees wages. Employees are not obligated to contribute, but commonly contribute 5% of their wages.

Social Security Both employers and employees are required to contribute 2.5% of employers wages (salary ceiling either J$19,230 weekly, or J$1,000,000 a annually).

Minimum Wage

General Minimum wage is J$7,000 per week (From 1 August 2019).

Working Hours

General Full time employment is considered 40 hours weekly. Hours may be spread over 7 days if worker chooses.

Overtime All hours over 40 per week are considered overtime, and must be previously agreed upon.


General 16.5% standard rate.


General 1 Salaries are paid on either a monthly or semi-monthly basis.