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10.75% - Social Security PRSI
4.00% - Social Security PRSI
1.00% - 11.00% - Universial Social Charge
20.00% - Up to 33,800
40.00% - Earned Income Remainder

Minimum Wage


Minimum wage per month is 9.80 EUR hourly 

Working Hours


The average work week in Ireland is 39 hours with a typical day starting around 9am and ending at around 5:30pm. A work week cannot exceed 48 hours.


Ireland does not have statutory overtime pay so overtime compensation should be negotiated and decided upon in advance within contract.  



23% standard rate.


Payroll Frequency

At the end of each month. 

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund

Residents who have properly contributed to the pension scheme in Ireland receive state pension once they reach the age of 66. The contribution rate is: 

  • Employers – 8.7% on weekly earnings up to 386 and 10.95% for weekly earnings over 386. 
  • Employees – no contributions for employees earning less than 352 a week. 4% contribution on weekly earnings for employees earning over 352 per week. 
Social Security

For employees with weekly earnings of €356 or less, 8.5% of gross wages; for employees with weekly earnings greater than €356, 10.75% of gross wages. There are no maximum earnings used to calculate the employer's contributions. The employer's contributions also pay for sickness and maternity, work injury, unemployment, and adoption benefits.



Salaries are paid either on weekly or monthly basis. Employees are paid on the last day of the month for work between the first and last day of the month.


Termination Process

If a worker has been employed for at least 13 weeks an employer should provide the statutory minimum of 1-week dismissal notice unless stated otherwise within written contract. If an employee feels the dismissal is unfair, they may ask for a written statement reasoning the dismissal. The statement should be provided within 14 days of the request.  

When employment ends employees shall receive any money owed and a payslip.

Advance Notice

Notice should be made by both an employee and employer.  

Duration of Employment 

Minimum Notice 

13 weeks to 2 years 

1 week 

2 years to 5 years 

2 weeks 

5 years to 10 years 

4 weeks 

10 years to 15 years 

6 weeks 

15 years or more 

8 weeks  

Payment in lieu may be given instead of notice.

Severance Pay

When dismissed they have the right to receive wages owed to them for work completed. They are also to receive payment for annual leave earned but not taken. 

Employers are not required to pay severance to employees who have been terminated.  

For cases of redundancy employees are eligible receive: 

  • two weeks’ pay 
  • extra bonus week 

Redundancy pay is set to a maximum limit of 600 per week. A worker with 5 years of consecutive employment is eligible for 11 wees redundancy pay.