Capital New Delhi

Currency Indian Rupee

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Employer Up to 12% - Pension fund
4.75% - Health insurance

Employee 0% - 0 Rs - 2,50,000 Rs
10% - 2,50,001 Rs - 5,00,000 Rs
20% - 5,00,001 Rs - 10,00,000 Rs
30% - Above 10,00,000 Rs
Up to 12% - Provident fund
1.75% - Health insurane


Termination Process Employer must give the employee one month notice.

Advance Notice The advance notice is one month.

Severance Pay Severance payment is given to workers who have been continuously employed for 2 years and are terminated for redundancy. Severance payment reflects duration of employment, performance and salary.

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund

8.33% of monthly payroll. (Provident Fund) 3.67% of monthly payroll and .5% of monthly payroll for administrative cost. 8.33% of monthly payroll is contributed for employees 58 or older.
The employees contribute 12%.

Minimum Wage

General Minimum wages in India differ according to the governing state and workers skill set.

Non Mandatory

Expat Benefits Depending on the company, the expat benefits include matching the salary of their home country,adjusting the cost of living and other personal allowances. Assistance with children’s education fees is also a common benefit for expats.


General VAT is 5% standard rate.