Employment contracts can be either verbal or written.


Salaries are paid semi-monthly.

HR & Labor

Working Hours: Full time employment is considered 44 hours per week and eight hours a day.
Minimum Working Age: Employees must be at least 14. Employees under the age of 18 cannot work with alcohol, or in unhealthy and/or dangerous conditions.


To work legally in Guatemala a work permit is needed. Perspective employers are expected to submit applications for future employees work permit before their arrival.


Employees are entitled to two bonuses -The bono 14, and a Christmas bonus. Each equal to one months salary.

Minimum wage

Minimum wage is 10.86 GTQ per hour.

Pension fund

Employers are required to contribute 3.67% of employees wages.

Employees are required to contribute 1.83% of their wages.

Advance notice

Employees are not required to provide advance notice.

Termination procedure

Employers are required to provide written notice 1 day in advance.

Severance Payments

Employees terminated with cause do not receive severance payments. Termination without cause receives one month salary for every year employed.

Sick Days

From the 3rd - 26th day of leave employees receive 66.7% of earnings.

Public Holidays

There are 12 public holidays.

Vacation time

Employees receive up to 15 vacation days annually.

Payroll Tax

Social Security

Employers contribute 12.67% of employees wages.

Employees contribute 4.83% of their wages.


VAT is 12% standard rate.