Capital Tbilisi

Currency Georgian Lari (GEL)

Date Format dmy

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Termination Process Employer must pay the employee all the wages due upon termination in no more than 7 days. Pne months notice is expected, however 3 days notice is allowed with compensation of an additional months salary.

Advance Notice No advance notice needed.

Severance Pay Employee is entitled to one month’s of regular wages as severance payment.

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund Empltoers contribute 2%, Employees contribute 2%, as well as 2% contribution from the government.

Social Security No social security funding.

Minimum Wage

General There is no standard minimum wage. Minimum salaries are dependent on agreements with the employer.

Working Hours

General Full time employment is considered 40 hours weekly (48 in some specific sectors).

Overtime Ovetime provisions must be included in workers contract.


General 18% standard rate.


General 1 The salaries are paid on monthly basis. Paydays are usually at the end of the month, unless agreed otherwise with the employer.