Employment agreements are formed in writing.


Salaries are paid monthly on the 10th of the month.

HR & Labor

Working Hours: Employees working full time work 40 hours in the week, 8 hours a day with a maximum of 48 hours a week. Unless agreed upon otherwise, overtime with is compensated with time off equal to the overtime worked. If compensation for overtime was agreed upon monetarily, than 1.5 time payment will be made for overtime work.
Minimum Age: The minimum working age is 18, with restrictions of working hours and occupations for minors.


Minimum Wage

470 EUR. (minimum wage is fixed at an hourly rate and at a monthly rate simultaneously).

Pension Fund

Employer pension fund contributions are between 2%-3% of employees salary.

Employee pension fund contributions are between 2%-3% of his/her salary.

Severance Pay

Sick Days

Severance Pay

Advance Notice

Employees must provide 30 days of advance notice.


If am employee has worked for less than one year, no less than 15 calendar days; One to five years of employment, no less than 30 calendar days; Five to ten years of employment, no less than 60 calendar days; Ten or more years of employment, no less than 90 calendar days. These terms may be ignored if it cannot be reasonably demanded that the performance of the contract be continued until the expiry of the agreed term or term of advance notice.

Public Holidays

There are 12 public holidays. Employers are required to grant employees paid leave in the amount of three hours on a work day directly preceding the New Year`s Day, Independence Day, Victory Day and Christmas Eve. Work on public holidays has to be compensated at a double rate.

Vacation Days

Employee’s receive 28 vacation days annually annual unless the employee and the employer have agreed on a longer period of annual holidays.

The annual holidays do not include the public holiday or national holidays.

Expat Benefits

Social Security