Capital San Salvador

Currency United States Dollar (USD)

Date Format dmy


Employer 7.50% - Social Security
7.75% - AEP (Pension Fund)

Employee 3.00% - Social Security
7.25% - AEP (Pension Fund)
0% - Up to 4,064.00
$212.12 + 10% on all salary over $4,064 - 4,064 - 9,142.86
$720 + 20% on all over $9,142.86 - 9,142.86 - 22,857.14
$3,462.86 + 30% on all over $22,857.14 - Over 22,857.12 * Non-locals pay flat rate of 30%


Termination Process Employers are not obligated to provide notice.

Advance Notice Employees are not obligated to provide advance notice.

Severance Pay Employees terminated without just cause is entitled to one months salary for ever year employed by the company, plus expected vacation and year end bonus.

Mandatory Benefits

Pension Fund The pension fund in El Salvador is called AEP. Employees contribute 7.25%, and Employers contribute 7.75% with salary ceiling off $6,500.

Social Security Social security contributions are made to a health fund, employers contribute 7.5%, and employees contribute 3% of their monthly salary. * Salary ceiling is $1,000.

Minimum Wage

General The minimum wage varies depending on the industry. - Commerce & services, industry, and sugar refineries: $1.25 hr/$300 monthly - Textile and garments: $1.23 hr/ $295.2 monthly - Sugarcane harvesting and coffee mills: $0.934 hr/$224.10 monthly - Agricultural workers, coffee harvesting, cotton harvesting, cotton mills: $0.834 hr/224.10 monthly


General Salarys are paid semi-monthly.

Working Hours

General Fulltime employment is considered 44 hours weekly. The length of days may be structured by employee.

Overtime Overtime is paid at 200%


General 13% standard rate, applied to the transfer of movable goods and the provision of services.