There are a few types of employment contracts that are acceptable in Belarus – there is one for indefinite term, fixed term, fixed term for a specific piece of work and temporary period that covers absence worker.
If both parties are legal entities, they need to sign an agreement and acceptance of services in order for the employee to be paid. If one party is a legal entity and they hire an employee, there should be a labor agreement signed.


Salaries are paid on monthly basis, usually at the beginning of next month. Also it is possible for the company to pay a part of the salary in advance, approximately 40% of the salary is paid in the mid of current month.

HR & Labor

Working Hours: For full time employment, the working hours are calculated by multiplying number of working day to number of working hours. There are officially 5 working days per week (unless the agreement states otherwise) which means employee works 168-172 hours per month. If the employee works overtime, usually employers add a bonus to his/her salary. No changes in the agreement needed.
Employees working night shifts receive 120% of their regular wages. Also, they can have a vacation day for each 8 additional hours worked instead of getting paid. However, companies can set their own rules in the employment agreement of how the extra time will be compensated. Minimum Working Age: From the ages of 16-18, employees cannot work full time. From 18 and on they are allowed to be employed full time.


To obtain a working permit, employers must apply with Department of Nationality and Migration providing the necessary paperwork for the employer. The permit is granted for a year and can be extended for another year.


Maternity leave: Employees are entitled to 126 days paid maternity leave. Women are paid the full sum within the first 10 days of their leave, which is calculated by the average day rate in the last 6 months * 126 days. After the 126 days, they can still be on maternity leave for up to 3 years and are paid a net monthly salary of 2,433,000 BYR (243,3 BYN).

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is 2 300 000 BYR.

Public Holidays

November 7: October Revolution Day
December 25: Christmas Day

January 1: New Years Day
January 7: Orthodox Christmas Day
March 8/9: Woman's Day/Womans Day Holiday
March 15/16: Constitution Day (not public holiday)
April 1: Easter Day (not public holiday)
April 8: Orthodox Easter Day (not public holiday)
April 17: Commemoration Day
April 30/May 1: Labor day
May 9: Victory Day
July 3: Independence Day
November 7: October Revolution Day
December 24: Christmas Eve
December 25: Christmas Day

Pension Fund

The employer contributes 28% of regular wages.

The employee contributes 1% of regular wages. There is no official ceiling, the average salary for pension contributions is calculated based on the average salary in Belarus at the time.

Severance Payments

Severance payments are usually total of 3 months’ average wages.

Advance Notice

One month notice is required.

Vacation Days

Employees are entitled to 21 paid days off.

Sick Days

Employee receives 80% of the regular wages first 12 days of sickness and 100% of the regular wages from there on. Employee is entitled to 120 sick days or 150 days within the last 12, if they have been repeatedly ill.

Expat Benefits

In Belarus, expats nor their local employer are obligated to pay social security taxes, unless the employee decides him/herself. If the foreign employee decides to contribute, the rates are 35%, 29% or 6% depending on the social security coverage.

Additional Benefits/Information

Belarus redenominated its currency effective July 1, 2016, changing the old Belarusian ruble (BYR) to the new Belarusian ruble (BYN). The new currency’s value will be 1:10,000 of the old currency’s value, with AIRINC’s July rate of 19,880 BYR to 1 USD becoming 1.988 BYN to 1 USD.

Employer contributes 6% towards other social security benefits.


The VAT is 20% standard rate.