Albanian Lek (ALL)
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15% - Social Security
1.70% - Health Insurance
0.12% - Disability
0.83% - Maternity
12.79% - Retirement
0.30% - Accidental & Occupational
0.90% - Unemployment
9.00% - Social Security
1.70% - Health Insurance
0.18% - Disability
0.57% - Maternity
8.81% - Retirement

Minimum Wage


The monthly gross minimum wage is 26,000 ALL.

Working Hours


Full time employment is 40 hours a week


Payroll Frequency

The payroll cycle is monthly

Pay Date

The last work day of the month

Overtime Payment

Overtime is work that is more than 40 hours a week at an additional 25% of regular pay.  Alternatively, the employer can compensate the employee with time off instead of additional pay. 

For work on weekends and public holidays, the employee is entitled to an additional 50% on top of their regular pay. 


Termination Process

If the employee is on a fixed-term contract and expires, there are no obligations from the employee or employer.

If the employer wishes to terminate the employee, the employer is obligated to deliver prior notification to the employer and within 72 hours must have a meeting with the employee to discuss the reason for termination and allow the employee to present their counterarguments.  Should the employer fail to meet within 72 hours, the employee may be entitled to compensation.

Advance Notice
  • 1 month during the 2 first years of employment
  • 2 months during 2 to 5 years of employment
  • 3 months after 5 years of employment
Severance Pay

If the employee has worked more than 3 years, they are entitled to 15 days of severance pay.