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Things to know when managing contractors globally:

  1. Misclassifying contractors can lead to heavy fines and damage the company’s reputation.
  2. Manually collecting and validating hundreds of invoices is labor intensive and susceptible to error
  3. Tax, insurance, and reporting requirements for contractors are different in every country
  4. Hundreds of contractors means potentially hundreds of individual touch-points to manage
  5. Spending on hundreds or even thousands of contractors each month is impossible to track
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Papaya gives you full coverage in these areas when managing contractors globally

1 Our in-house experts examine every contractor to make sure there are no classification errors
2 Automated platform collects and validates contractor invoices in any language, ensuring accuracy every time
3 Automated workflows calculate the correct tax and insurance amounts and produces the necessary reports for each country to maintain compliance
4 Our dedicated project managers handle all touch-points with contractors while you focus on your tasks
5 Real-time payroll intelligence suite provides a clear picture of spending at your fingertips
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