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"We had a real problem operating in Africa and South America without any local legal entity. The Papaya global solution completely removed that challenge and we were able to easily operate in full force, legally and in compliance with local authorities."

Case Study: Nice Systems

Nice Systems improve business performance for the world's leading companies, increase their operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure their full compliance and enhance their safety and security.


The Challenge

Nice was interested in short term projects in Africa and South America with both local and expatriate employees. The complication was their lack of legal entities in those destination, and therefore, required a solution to find and manage the global contingent workforce for their projects.

The Papaya Solution

The Papaya platform enabled Nice to engage directly with local suppliers that managed the company's contingent workforce and ongoing needs. Our platform provided Nice with all the information and insights needed while working under one contract and a single point of contact.

And now?

Nice has successfully set up an extensive operation in those territories without any legal entities in place.