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"Papaya let us sleep at night thanks to its comprehensive solution- the most complex global employment processes have all turned into one unified project, simply managed with their platform."

Case Study: Johnson & Johnson

Omrix Biopharmaceuticals of Johnson & Johnson specializes in development and manufacture of life-saving products derived from human plasma. Built on innovation and years of research, their products are based on a unique patented technology and sold throughout the world.


The Challenge

In 2011, Omrix, one of the most innovative companies within the Johnson & Johnson's biopharma division, was on the cusp of opening their new factory in Jerusalem. In order to do so, they used contractors from five different international payroll outsourcing companies to hire more than one hundred FDA and biopharma experts from around the globe to join the establishment team.

The Papaya Story

The Papaya global payroll solution enabled the company to combine multiple complex procedures into one unified operation including: finding the right contractors, providing all immigration solutions in addition to issuing work permits, use of a local employment of record supplier to employ workers, ensuring all employees are under the same policy, etc.

As for the endless reports? They were made through Papaya’s seamless management platform making this vast project not only easily trackable, but also simple to manage and approve all the way from on-boarding contractors through time-sheet reporting, to payment and budget comparison.

And now?

Ultimately, Omrix of Johnson & Johnson was able to focus on the professional aspects of the project such as sourcing talents, while we took care of the rest. The result was the on-time establishment of an FDA approved working factory.