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Automate Everything Payroll

Managing a global workforce is simple when you use Papaya. Our Global HRIS platform uses cutting edge technology to optimize operations with ease:

  • Seamless integration with leading financial tools
  • Automate payroll, benefit and budget calculations
  • Reduce risk of errors thanks to automation tools
  • Know more about your payroll cycle with our advanced BI tool
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Cut Down Payroll Costs

Always know your global payroll costs in advance!
Whether managing global payroll or working with PEO companies, Papaya offers a new, revolutionary, fixed-price solution:

  • Just $15 per payroll employee per month over 100 employees
  • $350 per month for PEO per group management

No surprises. No hidden fees. Not a penny taken out of your employee’s salary.

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Papaya transforms the entire global payroll process, paperwork, spreadsheets, confusion, and non-compliance risk into one automated global expert platform.

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