Papaya Global Listed Among Startups Changing the Work-Tech Landscape

Erez Greenberg May 23, 2019
Deloitte Report on Israeli Ecosystem

Deloitte’s major new report, “Future of Work Tech Emerging Landscape in Israel” places Papaya Global among the companies taking work tech to the next level. The report highlights how automation and technologies are shifting the way workers and machines interact, and how the collaborations between the two will cause workforces to evolve.

Papaya Global is listed among the Israeli startups contributing to the “world-class innovation ecosystem” changing the way businesses operate and employees work. By providing a platform that merges simplicity with functionality, we use technology to solve complex workforce issues.

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Papaya Global payroll platform lets you:

  • Automate payroll with zero processing errors
  • Manage global payroll, PEO & contractors via one platform
  • Make cross-border payments in 140+ countries