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Papaya is in the Shortlist of the The Next Great HR Technology Company Competition

10 – 13 October, 2017 | Las Vegas, USA

HRTech Conference 2017

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Labor Laws Across Central, South, and North America

One of the fastest ways to fail when expanding globally is by failing to understand, anticipate, and comply with international labor requirements. In the past we have explored some of the differences around the globe, but today we’re going to target South, Central, and North America in conjunction with the announcement that Papaya Global is […]

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Help Us Win the Title of The Next Great HR Tech Company. Come Vote for Us!

We’re excited to announce our spot as finalists at Discovering the Next Great HR Tech Company competition on October 10th, as part of HR Tech conference in Las Vegas.   The process of hiring employees worldwide is constantly being simplified, however It’s difficult for an organization to understand and follow each local compliance and legislation […]

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Changing Your Company with Global Payroll Management

When you hear the term “global payroll management,” it can be quite deceiving. Payroll management sounds like only one element of your operation: making sure your employees receive their paychecks on time. While this certainly is part of it, international payroll management is significantly more complex than just a signature on a paycheck. For companies […]

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Asian Labor Laws – Key Insights for China, Singapore and Philippines

Vote Papaya Global as the Next Great HR Technology company! Papaya is excited to announce that we have been nominated as one of the Next Great HR Technology companies! Vote Papaya to help us win the the HR Technology Competition; Allow us to provide you with the best compliance solution possible. Vote for Us!   […]

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Google’s Research Highlights 3 Key Insights for Business Leaders

Even in today’s hyper-connected work environment, nearly half of companies do not allow workers to access all of their necessary applications and information via mobile devices. This is a problem, because mobile connectivity is just one of many new expectations of the modern worker. Work has been changing rapidly in recent years, and the future […]

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Hiring in the United States: Co-Employment vs. Setting up an Entity

In the 2015 Doing Business Report from World Bank Group, the United States ranked in the top ten countries worldwide for ease of doing business. Additionally, Towers Watson research states that nearly 50 percent of employers globally are increasing their hiring activity. This presents plenty of opportunity for expansion, and the U.S. offers an attractive […]

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How to Build a Global Pension Policy

According to The World Bank, by 2050 the global population of individuals over age 65 will double from 10% to 20%. In other words, one in five individuals will be of age to retire. The reality is, many workers are not prepared for retirement for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is arguably […]

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How to Scale Culture in a Fast-Growing Company

A strong, positive organizational culture is a powerful tool for growing and running a business. In fact, some would say that culture is the competitive advantage of their business, allowing them to be more resilient to challenges and agile enough to face uncertainty because of the strong cultural foundation that supports employee actions daily. But […]

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Work Visa Alternatives: Getting the Talent Your Business Needs

The Trump administration has increased scrutiny yet again on visa applications into the United States, this time pushing embassies across the globe to tighten up vetting processes for potential visitors. This comes after other restrictions have already been handed down from the U.S. government, each making it harder for employers to bring talent to North […]

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Global HR Practices Research Summary

Building a business case for global expansion   In a recent Lighthouse Research study backed by Papaya Global, we explored some of the key aspects of global human resources practices, such as compliance, payroll, and scalability. The April 2017 pulse survey reached more than 125 employers that are either currently using or planning to hire […]

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