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Are you ready for April end of tax year?

Managing global payroll requires adapting to different annual schedules filing duties and deadlines. If you have employees in the UK, Hong Kong Singapore or India, this guide is for you. End of tax year is around the corner, and now is the perfect time to check if your current local payroll solution is the right one for you.   United Kingdom […]

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The New Power of Contingent Workforce

It used to be that whenever the economy got a little shaky, CEO’s and HR departments across all industries frantically turned to dilute their company’s internal workforce; good economy traditionally meant it’s time to grow and expand internal workforce, while bad economy was usually a sign for recruiting outsourced talent and save costs. But recent global developments and increasing […]

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A New Way of Thinking About Global Workforce

A ‘global village’ they call it. One Google click and you can find just about anything-whatever information you desire, it’s right at your fingertips. That is, except for when you’re looking to hire oversees and manage your HR in global operations. See, cross-continent trade and global economy, along with digital revolutions in the communication technology, have all made […]

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