Benefits Management for a Global Workforce

Why Offering Global Benefits is Challenging

Offering benefits in different countries is complicated – it requires sourcing local providers in every country, setting local accounts, and typically, having a minimum number of employees. Until now!

Through Papaya’s Global Benefits Management, you can provide benefits to your entire global team.

With Global Benefits, you can show your global workforce you’re committed to a first-rate employment experience. In return, you get happier, more productive, more loyal employees.

GDPR + Information Management

Health, Vision, and Dental Plans

Papaya’s unique global health plan covers more than 140 countries (outside the US). All plan levels include doctor’s visits, medication, consultations with specialists, and much more. Dental and vision coverage are also optional at competitive rates.

The plan is available to all your employees and their families, whether they are local residents or expats.

No one is disqualified for pre-existing conditions and there is no waiting period for enrolment. The plan applies to all categories of workers (payroll, EoR, or contractors.)

GDRP + Data Collection

Papaya’s Experts Guide the Process

Papaya serves as a one-stop shop for all types of local benefits through our local partners so you never have to scramble to find vendors. Papaya’s in-house benefits experts guide you through every step of the process, advising on the best types of plans for every location.

From long- and short-term health insurance to pensions, and disability coverage, we’ve got you covered – in full compliance with all local laws.

GDPR + Transparency

Get the Papaya Experience in Benefits Management

Papaya has the expertise and experience you need to expand your workforce globally. We’re ready to guide you through the process, no matter where your workforce is located.

Removing all global boundaries – that’s the Papaya Advantage.

GDPR + Employer Rights

See how you can globalize your benefits management

Globalize Your Benefits Management

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