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Who we are and what we do

Papaya Global is a team of experts in global workforce management, global payroll services, and technology. Papaya's SaaS platform connects corporate clients with global suppliers through technology and automated processes, and eliminates the need
for global MSP's and aggregators. We're passionate about maximizing efficiency and value for global organizations.

our leadership
Eynat Guez

Co-Founder, CEO

An entrepreneur with 15 year of experience in global HR and Employment Relocation Management, Eynat Guez is one of the leading experts in HR and Relocation Management in the industry. After founding Relocation Source in 2008 (a DSP and Global Mobility Solutions provider offering comprehensive solutions for Relocation, Recruitment, Employment and Payroll), Eynat had also founded Expert Source in 2014 (an Asian PEO organization helping US corporates expand their business into Asia). Prior to founding Relocation Source, Eynat had served as a COO at a global holdings group with extensive operations in developing countries. Since Eynat's latest start-up, she has played a leading role in helping global business players enter and expand their business into the Israeli market.

Ofer Herman

Co-Founder, CTO

A hands-on technical entrepreneur and leader with over 20 years of experience in building and managing software development groups, Ofer had joined Papaya after serving as the CTO and Co-founder at Vidmind (an OTT solution provider where he built a highly scalable cloud system). Prior to that Ofer had served as the VP R&D of Goome and BeInSync. A graduate of Mamram, IDF's computation unit, Ofer first started his career as a developer at Comverse, and also holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Haifa University.

Ruben Drong

Co-Founder, CPO

An entrepreneur with 18 years of experience, Ruben has co-founded two successful startups, AASL (was acquired in 2008), where he served as Product & Operations Manager, and SafelyGuard, where he served as CEO.
Ruben has proven expertise in software development, product analysis & design, product development, and user experience, for large scale global enterprise systems.
Ruben also lead large B2B / B2C projects involving large supplier companies, corporate and customers.
He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Ben-Gurion University


So here is the problem

The world of global employment solutions is becoming increasingly complex with ever-growing compliance demands, lack of visibility into local labor and steadily increased costs by third parties or brokers.

The current solutions are still manual, require long integration processes or high setup fees, and fail to bring value to the overall global contingent workforce management, making this critical process expensive and inefficient for global employers.

Disrupting global workforce management with technology

We believe this chain of third parties and manual procedures is a thing of the past, and that high-end technology, along with standardization and transparency in engaging with global suppliers, are the main keys to bring real value to global organizations. Our aim is to offer technology to disrupt and manage the traditional employer of record or PEO companies that provide service alone.

All-In-One Global Workforce Platform

That’s why we established Papaya – the first global workforce management platform built by experts. Connecting you to a global network of preferred suppliers of both human resource and international payroll services and offering a fully transparent, painless and automated experience for global employers and employees.

The Papaya Solution

What's in it for you?

Our Services

Our preferred supplier network provides the following global employment services: immigration / work permit, local payroll & benefits, labor & HR management, HR compliance.  We guarantee the quality of service. A single fully transparent invoice covers your entire global needs and locations.

Work permit? Our Saas Global HR Management Platform

We track all employment processes from on-boarding employees all the way through budget control and alerts, payments and automated reports to collaborative communication tools and more, to ensure efficient reporting & streamlined processes.


Your own expert compliance guide to the intricacies of global payroll. The CountryPedia provides you with the most updated and relevant labor data available for countries all around the globe, to help you comply with local legislation everywhere.

In Short?

By engaging directly with global suppliers and replacing your human resources with our advanced, automated technology, you will finaly be able to:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Transparency
  • Ensure Compliance
What are you waiting for?